Relationship Acdemy

Chengi Tobun

CEO, Relationship Expert
Chengi has been coaching women to find and keep love for several years with incredible success. You can book Chengi to be your coach or for a Discovery Call by clicking the link below


Marriage and Divorce Coach
Yvonne is our relationship coach with multiple years experience helping women transcend their wounds and finding love and healing.

Nadine Clarke

Dating and Relationship Coach & Head of Curriculum Development
Nadine is our Empath and Highly Sensitive Coach & the Head of Curriculum Development


Trauma Counsellor
TRAUMA COUNSELLOR Sharnie has always had a fascination with people and the psychology of what makes people behave the way that they do.

Unique Sibanda

Dating and Relationship Coach
Unique is our dating and relationship coach and Style Concierge

Edwina Momoh

Exclusive dating to marriage coach
Edwina is our Dating and Relationship Coach