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Nadine Clarke

Nadine is the Head of Curriculum for Black Swan Relationship Academy and our dating and relationship coach.

She has a Bachelor of Science, Honours in Computer Science from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Design, Illustration from OCAD University.

Being a coach, has aligned with my experience and life journey.  As a child and most of my adult life, I was described as either too sensitive or too emotional. I never fully understood why I would react strongly to people, things, and situations around me or why I would need more time to digest and process things.

Coming from a technical and scientific background usually meant emotions should not be factored in because one should deal with things logically and rationally, which was puzzling to me since my emotions were so prominent in my thought process and reactions. I realized, through friends, colleagues, as well as sociological and psychological research, that the way I acted and responded was not dramatic or emotional, but simply that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), which has its advantages and challenges that I have learned to navigate after learning more about it through research.

I can show you how to accept your HSP trait and show you how to navigate this space to find the love you deserve and crave.



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