Black Swan Gold Membership (Ambassador)


Black Swan Gold Membership (Ambassador)

£115.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

The Black Swan Nation Membership will give you access to the Black Swan Academy Private Group Coaching with all the coach support you will need for your dating and relationship journey.



Black Swan Nation

This is a subscription based group coaching programme for women needing  in the moment coaching in a community of women on the same journey as them whilst taking an educational journey to being High Value and Feminine in every way possible.  This is a subscription based membership where you will have the option of investing monthly or  on a one off payment for a fixed term and can be renewed at anytime before term ends should you wish to continue your journey with us.

. You will be added to the Secret Facebook Group where you will receive support and group coaching  from Chengi, the other highly trained coaches and the members of the Club.

. You can post as often as you wish and ask as many questions as you like within the group and receive help without waiting times to book a call.

You will have  Weekly lives on the Zoom group for questions and answer sessions with my coaches and I. We will post in the group when we will be live and you will have an opportunity to have the coach answer your question live by adding your question to the post. In this way your question will be prioritised for the Live call.

. Within the group the coaches will CURATE your online dating profile, help you select your pictures and assist with the writing of your profile.

. Receive access to ALL FREE MASTERCLASSES within the group Library that may address the questions you have now.

. Access to all NEW FREE MASTERCLASSES EXCLUSIVE TO THE BLACK SWAN NATION covering relationships and beyond from industry professionals and All workshop replays will be made available in this FACEBOOK group so you never have to miss an event.



If you subscribe to the ONE Year /LIFETIME ACCESS you will have FREE access to all the courses in the Academy along with our Private Group with all the coach support you will need for your dating journey. You will have full access to all courses (except the Soulmate Attraction System) and all new courses that will be added (whilst you have an active membership)





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