Soul Mate Attraction Transformation


Soul Mate Attraction Transformation

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Elevate your journey to finding and nurturing a soulful connection with our Soul Mate Attraction Transformation Package. This comprehensive product seamlessly integrates with the Soul Mate Attraction Self Study Course. It’s designed to empower you with a transformative blend of healing, growth, and energy mastery, while seamlessly incorporating the potent teachings of the Soul Mate Attraction Self Study course.

What’s Included:

  1. 18-Hours with a Coach: Begin your journey with the foundation of expert coaching from the Black Swan Relationship Academy. Dive deep into understanding the dynamics of soulful connections and harness the knowledge to attract and maintain fulfilling relationships.
  2. 10 Personalized Trauma Counselling Sessions: Our skilled counsellor will guide you through a healing process, helping you overcome past traumas that might be affecting your relationship potential. Uncover emotional blockages and pave the way for genuine emotional intimacy.
  3. 3 Check-Ins with Chengi: Experience personalized guidance and support from Chengi. These check-ins provide you with direct insights, strategies, and actionable steps to enhance your attraction journey and relationship success.
  4. Breakup Clinic Course: Gain resilience and healing from heartbreak through our specialized course. Learn how to navigate separations, heal emotional wounds, and emerge stronger, preparing you for a future soulful connection.
  5. Self-Care Course: Prioritize your well-being with this nurturing course. Learn to foster self-love, emotional balance, and holistic self-care practices, creating a solid foundation for authentic connections with potential soul mates.
  6. Energy Mastery Course: Learn to master your energies and emotions, vital skills for nurturing a soulful connection. Cultivate positivity, manage emotions, and radiate a magnetism that naturally draws compatible partners into your life.




This course will focus on :

  • How a Breakup is Define
  • How to handle a Breakup
  • Navigating your emotions during and after a Breakup
  • How to heal from a Breakup
  • How to start over again once you have been through a Breakup


This course is designed to equip participants with  life skills necessary for stress management, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, anger management and the art of  living a joyous life.

At the end of this course participants will be able to balance their Mind, Body and Soul for the benefit of their health and well being. As well as to help them to become self fulfilled individuals, capable of building healthy relationships in their work, social and family life.

Energy Mastery Masterclass

Ever wanted to know how to increase your energy to attract the right men into your life!
Increase it, maximize it and harness it!

In our Energy Mastery masterclass we will cover:

  • Understand about DIVINE (Supernatural) ENERGY.
  • Learn the core components of energy and why it is essential to love, dating and marriage.
  • You will learn about ENERGY CHAMBERS legitimate places to garner energy other than from other people.
  • You will learn about ENERGY DRAINERS the people and activities to avoid if you are to protect your energy
  • You will learn about ELEMENTAL ENERGY and human energy. What is the difference and how do the elements (God’s creation) affect our human energy.

Energy Mastery masterclass is.....

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals and importance of energy
  • How we show up energetically. YOUR personal SPIRITUAL/ENERGY SIGNATURE
  • You will learn about ENERGY LOOPS how someone can have you stuck in a relationship loop. You can never resist them, why and how to break this loop.
  • You will learn about ENERGY TRANSMITTERS. How energy can be passed from one person, place or thing to another and how not to protect yourself.
  • How to shift your energy to change your outcomes

If you want to be 10 Steps ahead in all your relationships love, life and business then ENROLL for this course!



Why Choose Soul Mate Attraction Transformation:

This all-inclusive product empowers you to manifest deep connections and personal growth. Seamlessly merging the Self Study course with trauma counseling, mentorship, breakup recovery, self-empowerment, and energy mastery, you’ll attract, nurture, and sustain fulfilling relationships.

Invest today to merge attraction, healing, and self-mastery on your journey to soulful connections. Your path to soul mates starts here.

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