Position For I Do


Position For I Do


Receive a Signed Copy by Chengi or the downloadable PDF



Receive a Signed Copy by Chengi or the downloadable PDF

Position for ‘I Do’ is a conversation between women and God about internal processes and mindsets that will deliver the man they dream of in their lives. This book explores the role of a woman in a man’s life the different types of men a woman must look out for and who she needs to be to attract the man of her dreams.

Chengi delves into the dating concerns of women from all over the world, teaching about attraction the way God intended, gives practical tips on how a woman can position herself to be noticed by the man she identifies as a potential mate in order to begin her vetting and selection process. The author explores the concept of hiding to be found and challenges the status quo on the messages that are given to women about finding love and attraction. She teaches the erroneous positions women take internally and externally that lead them into vulnerable situations.

Position for ‘I Do’ gives a much bigger view of kingdom priorities and the part destiny plays with purpose in marriage. The ability for a woman to position herself in a powerful position aligns her with purpose an purposes can only resource her with what she needs to accomplish purpose and part of that resource s a mate. This book will unfold many mysteries and explain singleness and men from a deep revelatory position that will change a woman’s paradigm of dating forever and for the best.

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