Last Updated:04/11/2022


This course is designed to equip participants with  life skills necessary for stress management, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, anger management and the art of  living a joyous life. It is comprised of six modules.

Please ensure that you download the Workbook PDF , Fig 1 and Fig 2 found after the Self Care Modules.

What I will learn?

  • At the end of this course participants will be able to balance their Mind, Body and Soul for the benefit of their health and well being. As well as to help them to become self fulfilled individuals, capable of building healthy relationships in their work, social and family life.

Course Curriculum

Self Care

  • Welcome
  • PART 1: Concept of Self
  • PART 2: Emotional Intelligence
  • PART 3: Stress Management
  • PART 4: Self Care
  • PART 5: Art of Mindfulness
  • PART 6: Finding Joy in Life

Self Care Quiz

Self Care Workbook PDF


Material Includes

  • Workbook
  • Videos

Target Audience

  • Professional men and women
  • Students
  • Stay at home mums and dads
  • Company executives
  • Dating couples