Ever wanted to know how to increase your energy to attract the right men into your life!
Increase it, maximize it and harness it!

In our Energy Mastery masterclass we will cover:

  • Understand about DIVINE (Supernatural) ENERGY.
  • Learn the core components of energy and why it is essential to love, dating and marriage.
  • You will learn about ENERGY CHAMBERS legitimate places to garner energy other than from other people.
  • You will learn about ENERGY DRAINERS the people and activities to avoid if you are to protect your energy
  • You will learn about ELEMENTAL ENERGY and human energy. What is the difference and how do the elements (God’s creation) affect our human energy.

Energy Mastery masterclass is…..

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals and importance of energy
  • How we show up energetically. YOUR personal SPIRITUAL/ENERGY SIGNATURE
  • You will learn about ENERGY LOOPS how someone can have you stuck in a relationship loop. You can never resist them, why and how to break this loop.
  • You will learn about ENERGY TRANSMITTERS. How energy can be passed from one person, place or thing to another.
  • How to shift your energy to change your outcomes

If you want to be 10 Steps ahead in all your relationships love, life and business then ENROLL for this course!

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Topics for this course

25 Lessons

Energy Mastery

Understanding Energy Mastery Workbook PDF
Energy Mastery Welcome Video16:29
Understanding Energy Video27:12
What is Energy?
Understanding Energy
Spectrum of Energy
Understanding Human Energy Video14:36
Human Energy
Energy Receptors Video16:37
Energy Receptors
Energy Chambers Video22:48
Energy Chambers
Energy Drainers Video13:26
Energy Drainers
Energy Signature Video18:14
Energy Signature
Energy Signature
How Energy Shows Up Video7:01
How Energy Shows Up
How Energy Shows Up
Elemental Energy Video16:05
Elemental Energy
Energetically Recognize Your Soulmate Video7:09
Energy Recognizes Your Soulmate
Energy Recognizes Your Soulmate
Energy Shifters & Transmitters Video13:07
Energy Shifters and Transmitters
Energy Shifters and Transmitters
Postural Energy Video20:58
Postural Energy
Communication Energy
Transactional Energy Video21:31
Transactional Energy
Light (Superior) and Dark (inferior) Energy
Energy Loops and Transfer Video26:02
Energetic Traps
Energy Loops
Energy Transfer
Energy Bonds, Blocks and Toxins Video17:12
Energy Bonds, Blocks and Toxins
Energetic Exits
Energetic Exits
Attraction and Repelling Energy Video18:10
Attraction and Repelling Energy
Energy Conclusions Video1:50

Energy Mastery Workbook

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This energy masterclass is honestly a great course! It's not only made me aware of certain energies but brought to my attention the kinds of energy I've experienced from others (energy transfers, traps and loops) but also ones I use. It is certainly worth doing this course whether you're new to learning about energies or not.



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