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Unique Sibanda

Style Concierge, Dating and Relationship Coach

Having a background in digital branding and styling has really helped to experience some amazing dates online . I can show you how to navigate this space and find love online. I am the Black swan style Concierge and online dating coach helping you show up online as a high value woman that men would love to open doors for and cherish.

I specialise in curating your online presence to showcase and allow your femininity to come through . A picture paints 1000 words and I want your pictures to say that you are the girl of his dreams.

If you have been struggling with online dating and have lost all hope because men are raining but not the kind you want. I hear to help reshape your online experience and how you show up in life.

I will also be helping you Black Swans dress the part as a High Value FEMININE woman and help you with your style as well as helping you use your clothing to express your style in it's true essence.

Book a Discovery call today and get started on your journey to enjoying online dating and a new or rebranded style.

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Online Dating coach
Style Concierge
Femininity Coach
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