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Edwina Momoh

Dating and Relationship Coach

If you want help getting that ring and down the aisle I'm your lady.

Having struggled for many years to live a perfect life as a church girl and lady of faith everything seemed to work out for me except my love life.

Finally decided to focus on attracting love into my life like I did my career and I finally broke out of long term singleness to having a long lasting, fulfilling relationship and family.

It was not that easy to navigate this period of life and there were times of disappointment, plenty of tears, lost hope, lost faith, pain, sticky and messy moments.

I met Chengi at a crucial turning point of my life and relationship which not only helped me heal from pain from childhood, inner struggles, past pain and shame.

I had never met someone who trully listened to me, poured into me and never judged me but saw me. Having being trained, coached by Chengi herself I have transformed and all parts of my life

I realised indeed I am a Black Swan and joining the collective is a true honour and bring life back to those going through hopeless, confusing or messy moments in their relationships.

If you are tired of trying to be the perfect lady of faith to everyone and not lose you anymore.

If you are ready to move from messy, shameful moments to clarification, direction and glorious moments.

If you are ready to navigate from exclusive dating to marriage.

Book a discovery call today and lets  get started on your love journey today!

I look forward to being a part of your successful love story bringing you wisdom, experience and direction helping you

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