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Coach Magdalena is our HIGH VALUE DATING Coach


Married at a young age and divorced with two beautiful boys was a difficult journey. Attracting men was never a problem for me but attracting HIGH VALUE MEN was the difficult part.

Trying to find a man who could love both my sons and I felt like an impossible feat but it turns out that when I called my friend Chengi whom I had known since our Harrods day, she invited me to her London Bootcamp I knew all I needed were the tools to be Feminine, vet and select great guys and my dating experiences have been unbelievable.

I meet high value men willing to not only be a fantastic partner to me but friend to my boys. I am spoilt, wined and dined and truly enjoy the company of wonderful men.

Becoming a coach in BLACK SWAN RELATIONSHIP ACADEMY is an absolute thrill and I look forward to training and coaching you ladies how to be truly HIGH VALUE AND FEMININE.

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